Free Mechquest artbook code

November 11, 2009 by

I am iving a free Mechquest artbook code. I bought the book that I needed. I don’t play Mechquest so you guys can have it. If you want it you must comment and claim it. First, you must guess where is this place located by telling from this picture.


Make your guess smartly, think about it before submitting it. You have 2 tries.


AQWorlds Wednesday… Faerie Sai Cheat

November 11, 2009 by

This item is located at  Cyclops Warlord at Slugfit and Faerie. You need 1 Rare Unidentified Broom to finish the quest.

AQWorlds Ninja Challenge Cheat

November 10, 2009 by

To finish this mission you must go and defeat the ninjas. You need 3 black belts from Sporkion and Obsolute Zero.

AQWorlds Yokai Reputation Cheat – Now Visible

November 10, 2009 by

Yokai Rep

Okay, there is a new reputation I found out and it is called Yokai Reputation. This reputation you get it by doing the missions. How do you get it you might ask? Here are the steps.

1. you must go to Yokai.

2. Walk to the Tournements (Must had defeated Goku and all the opponents first.)

3. Click Reputation Arena.

Reputation Arena

4. Do any quest, then you will start getting Reputation (Rep)

(Once you go to high Reputation ranks you can unlock member and non-member items at the shop.)

AQWorlds Pockey Challenge Cheat

November 10, 2009 by

New Quest! There is this new quest calledd “Pockey Challenge”. I will be telling you how to do it. First, Go to the Arena Tournement. Try beating Pokey Chew as many times until you get “3 Pieces of Pockey”

This is how Pokey Chew looks like so you know who to attack…

Pokey Chew

AQWorlds Tuesday… Broom of Doom Cheat

November 10, 2009 by

Go beat up Abaddon at Twilight than get 1 Rare Unidentified Broom to finish the quest. Then go approve the quest.

AQWorlds Friday the 13th is coming!

November 10, 2009 by

Update: The Post was updated so, its new!

Voltaire returns this Friday with an ALL NEW adventure
This weekend only. An ALL NEW mini event that will start every hour… and what!? Why did someone put in a request for 30,000 giant Deady costumes and an 75% destructable island map? Join us at sundown on Friday when Voltaire and the entire AQWorlds team will be online to be the first to experience it along side you!
Read the Design Notes for more


Also, we will be running unlucky events in all four of our games and unless something goes wrong (…and what could go wrong on Friday the 13th?)

AQWorlds The DragonKoi Tournament

November 8, 2009 by

<Announcer Voice> Last time, on DragonKoi Z….
Our heroes traveled to Yokai Isle and entered the greatest Martial Arts Tournament in the World. No outsider has been allowed on the isle in over 1,000 years! Of course our heroes found they were not welcome at all… and the invitation letter from Princess Miko contained a secret message asking for help. What secrets does she know about the 4th Lord of Chaos?

The next Lord of Chaos revealed!

Will the hero win the tournament? What are Yokai Monsters? Is Martial Arts Master Ryoko STILL charging up!? Find out in the next exciting espisode… erm… login now and use the Yokai Isle button to continue the adventure!
Read the Design Notes for more

Just released

  • 4 brand new quest on Yokai Isle
  • New cutscene revealing the next Lord of Chaos
  • 7 new weapons, 1 armor, 3 helms
  • Pet of the month: Little Death
  • Pumpkin Contest judged
  • The Public Test Realm had it’s first PvP test
  • Premiere of Ballyhoo has been added to AQWorlds!

AQWorlds Best Challenge Cheat

November 8, 2009 by

This item is dropped by NOTruto, Ryoku and Neko Yasha.

You need the following items to finish this quest

  • HiddenLeaf x1
  • Dragon Dodecahedron x1
  • Catnip Shard x1

AQWorlds Monday… Bone Mace Cheat

November 8, 2009 by

This rare item is located at Lair, but you must defeat the Red Dragon to get it. You need 1 Rare Unidentified Sword to finish quest. This is a very difficult quest, Find friends and make a Party to defeat this powerful creature.